The Psychic Detective Agency

“Blossom, the psychic detective, was going to find John for me and she wouldn’t even know she was doing it.”

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Ola doesn’t believe in faeries, the power of crystals or that it’s possible to talk to the dead. She believes in science, maths and logic – none of which make any sense to Blossom, her borderline-Buddhist, psychic detective mother.

Is there nothing in the world they see the same way? And why won’t Blossom tell her anything about her dad? Ola’s never even met him. She only knows his name is John and Blossom met him on the hippie trail in India.

Driven by a gnawing need to understand where she comes from and how she can be so different from her mum, Ola devises a daring plan of faked identity and cyber-subterfuge to find her dad. But her quest doesn’t bring the swift answers she craves. Instead, she stumbles deeper and deeper into Blossom’s beguiling, cryptic world and learns secrets she never wanted to know.

Worse still, she starts to fear that logic and science might not be as dependable as she’s always thought …

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“Crazy and hilarious! … I laughed and laughed.” (Mark Cain, Authonomy)

“Love this book. So well written. Obviously very well researched. I had my husband moaning constantly as he couldn’t have a conversation with me until I had finished it! So lovely to be taken to another world for a few hours! Takes a great author to do that! Just wish it could had at least another 500 pages!” (Amazon purchaser)
“Fantastic easy reading, imaginative and creative; can’t wait to get my nieces to read this, they are going to LOVE it.” (Amazon purchaser)

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