New Books & Freebies

I’m currently busy with two new novels plus a non-fiction book about parenting in a world of rapidly diminishing boundaries.

It’s been a busy year with lots of projects taking me away from writing for myself – too tempting to say ‘yes’ to those wonderful, billable jobs!

The second book in Ola’s story, for those of you who’ve read The Psychic Detective Agency, took on something of a life of its own (gotta love it when that happens). I started the second in this planned series of three twice before the real story came to me.

It’s a great feeling, as I’m sure many other writers reading this can attest, when characters give you a metaphorical slap on the knuckles and demand you listen to them. Ignoring those voices and ploughing on with your original plans regardless only leads to hollow feeling prose; I learned that the hard way.

Sleeping With Ghosts started life as my first NaNoWriMo project back in 2013. I wrote the first 50,000 words during the month of November and have shelved it ever since. Now, a year and a half later, I’m ready to develop it into a proper story.

Time Catchers

Ola is fifteen and has finished school a year early. With no six form place available to her she becomes Blossom’s assistant at the agency, and is drawn into a long-buried secret at the heart of the village.

Sleeping With Ghosts

Encephalitis leaves Marnie alive but in destroying her memories it steals her life. After six weeks in a coma, she arrives home to a house she doesn’t know with Hannah, who seems to be her only friend. The more she learns about her lost past the less she recognises it. Can everything really be as Hannah insists it is, or is she hiding something?

Build Them Up: Preparing Kids for a World Without Boundaries

Barriers, boundaries and borders are a part of the natural world. Boundaries protect us: whether it’s social manners ensuring unsullied personal space, a closed door on a bathroom protecting our privacy, a handrail on a stair case making us feel steady as we climb or a wall to keep the enemies out.

One by one, these boundaries are changing, crumbling or crashing down. The internet and 24/7 TV bring the outside world into our homes like never before, one touch payments on iPhones allow us to spend money on credit cards we can’t afford and our children are watching porn on their mobile phones.

In a world without boundaries, we need to give our kids the tools to build their own.

Free Stuff

I will give you guys as much free stuff as I can. This page is where it’ll be as soon as it’s ready to go.


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