We wish you a Merry Doomsday and a Happy New Age

Dawn of Unity sticker available from natures-energies.com

Dawn of Unity sticker available from natures-energies.com

Nothing awful is going to happen tomorrow. No significant astral bodies will smash into us, and the north and south poles are not going to switch. The sun will rise on December 22nd as it always does and Earth will live to see another year.

But once we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief, seen no fireballs screeching through the atmosphere and no oceans breaching the land, then what? Are we going to slide back into our well-worn, imperfect ruts? Or are we going to channel our renewed life force into making a few changes around here, embrace 2013 as a fresh start, trade another old New Year for a Happier New Age?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to slam the door on where our world is going; to stop the hatred in its tracks, get everyone to put their sodding weapons down and have a group hug? I think it would. But I’m not so naïve as to think sidestepping an apocalypse is a big enough miracle to achieve that.

The war in the Middle East is going to continue and terrorists are going to keep trying to kill each other’s innocents as they go to school or to the shops. The poor will stay poor and the rich will stay rich, because big changes like polarity switches don’t just happen.

But little changes do. Us normal folk, you and me, have the power to remove certain little irritations from our lives that could take us all into a brand New Age of less hate and more love.


When did using indicators become uncool? I am not psychic. I don’t know which way you other motorists are going unless you give me a clue. Why has the humble indicator become so unfashionable? Your apparently ineffectual little flashing light has the power to prevent me crashing into you. If you use it, I will like you much more.

Roundabout reality check. You have to give way TO the right. Not FROM the right. That means looking to your right to see if anything is coming. If I am on your left, you shouldn’t be eyeballing me and gesticulating wildly that I am mad for not going anywhere. I am waiting for you to go first because it is your turn. That is the law. Your blood pressure will lower if you learn how to use roundabouts properly. Suddenly all the world will seem in harmony with you. Because it will be.


A doorway is not a place for you to park your buggy, spark up a fag or have a spontaneous natter with your mates. If you do so and someone using the doorway as it is meant to be used, ie walking through it, skins their shins on your pram or bashes their forehead into yours, it isn’t nice to swear at them. You should apologise and move out of the way. Better still don’t stop walking when you reach the doorway. A couple more steps and all shin-skinning and skull-denting will be avoided. You will spread instant love, which means great karma for you and far less pain for me.

Escalator etiquette. If you stop at the top, where are all the people going to go who are coming up behind you? Move to one side before gormlessly puzzling over where you want to go next. Causing a messy game of human dominoes will never make you feel good about yourself. And the dominoes won’t like it either.


Retire from the blame game

If you eat too much, you’ll get fat. If you don’t go to work, you’ll have no money. Simple rules, but apart from a few inevitable exceptions, rules that really are that obvious for most of us. Stop blaming other people for things you don’t like in your life. If you don’t like something, change it. Or change your attitude. Blaming other people for your problems breeds nothing but bitter resentment and certainly doesn’t make those problems go away.

Live and let live

We are all different. Our world thrives on it. Everyone knows what happens if there’s only a couple of surnames in town and it’s not pretty: six-fingered banjo players with bad teeth and foreheads bulging ironically over genetically shrivelled brains.

Difference is good. Be different in your own way and let others be different in theirs. Only good can come of that.

Add your ideas to the Happy New Age manifesto in the box below …

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