Nate Silver: mathmagician

I’ve always been fascinated by numbers, probably because their mysteries have eluded me all my life.

School maths lessons happened behind a glazed, slack-jawed frown of WTF? Every right answer – the product of palm hair inducing concentration – led to such elation that it took what little strength I had left not to leap out of my chair and scream to the teacher, “I did it!” Like a proper tit.

So this dude, Nate Silver, is to me a God. Using some kind of numerical alchemy, he predicted the results of the US election correctly. To the last seat, in every state.

Surely, that’s magic?

Algorithm: that’s as close as I can get to explaining what this guy does. And all I can do is spell it.


About Sally Nursten

Writer. Mother. Lover of life and all its twisty-turny ways.
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