Superheroes walk among us …

… and they all share the same super power. It’s called just doing it.
I’m as fascinated as the next person about anything splendidly unexplainable. But, while it is a kind of genetic mystery as to where all our different talents come from, there’s nothing really mysterious about the achievements of the people in this article. They have all managed super human feats through showing up every day and working hard on something they really like doing.

They all put their achievements down to natural ability and I don’t doubt they’ve chosen their careers wisely (or in the case of the chess player, had the right career thrust upon them.) But without time spent every day in his tank, Tom Sietas would not be able to hold his breath underwater for 22 minutes, even with his larger than average lungs. And without hitting a lot of tennis balls for a lot of hours, Serena Williams would not serve at 109 mph, regardless of the genetically inherited strength in her shoulders.

Natural ability is great. Turning up, honing your talent and achieving something truly special through sheer hard work is what makes it super.


About Sally Nursten

Writer. Mother. Lover of life and all its twisty-turny ways.
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