What’s down the rabbit hole?

Every morning, once my kids are dropped at school and the necessary jobs around the house are done, I take a cup of something hot up to my desk in the spare bedroom office I share with my man. That’s where the entrance to my rabbit hole is. Where’s yours?

It can be anywhere; your dining table, your sofa with your laptop. It could be on a train with a good old-fashioned notepad and pen. It could even be a notepad app on a mobile phone. Wherever it is and however you do it, if you’re a writer, that’s what you do. And very often: if not every day, then almost every day. Sometimes, you find gold down there via a twisted path leading you absolutely anywhere on the way. Sometimes you find a big, scary, black space. With absolutely nothing in it.

Whatever kind of writer you are the rabbit hole is somewhere you’ll already know rather well. Here’s my take on it.


About Sally Nursten

Writer. Mother. Lover of life and all its twisty-turny ways.
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